SARS and the Simplicity of Life

Even though SARS-CoV-2, or other wise known as the coronavirus, has slowed us down in the business of life I feel as though it has given us time to appreciate the simplicities so much more. My husband and I just returned from a 4 day beach get-a-way and it was much needed! Waking up to the view of the Gulf of Mexico and winding down to the sunset of Treasure Island beach was so simple and yet so worth our time and effort to make it happen. Enjoying such simplicities in life was also paired with learning new things such as how fun it could be to listen to an audiobook with my husband (and both of us be interested in it) as well as truly enjoying paddle-boarding and all that goes with it! When I woke up this morning after a week off I had to catch up on errands and ‘mommy things’ left behind during our get-a-way such as; waking up making my husband a little something before he leaves for work, followed by a good sweat-filled workout (which I so missed btw), then filling out some cards and mailing them off was how I began my day..

Filling out a hand-written card or letter to someone for a special occasion or for no occasion at all is really under-estimated. One of my good friends and spiritual mom says she used to love getting hand-written cards in the mail and hardly ever receives them anymore (she says she hates getting text messages for such occasions). With your spare time maybe try writing in a journal about your life journey or your blessings instead of thinking on the negative things that has happened to you lately. Even thinking of a person who has really made a difference in your life and sending them a letter or card of gratitude can be such a blessing for both parties involved. They may need to hear it more than you may need to write it! God works like that;)

Another thing I truly enjoy doing and tried to do even when life was super crazy busy is make my husband some of his favorite foods. I love serving him that way and, likewise, he likes to make me special dinners as well. Over the years I have transitioned to a mostly plant-based cuisine and he follows a keto-plan, but we do try to make it work. Days where I eat a southwest bean salad he might eat a beef-based taco salad (without the chips). Lately, I have been interested in making him some of the cultural dishes he grew up on. His mom is from the Philippines so he loves Pancit and Adobo Chicken as well as authentic Italian food from his dad’s side like Eggplant Parmesan and Stuffed Shells! I think during this pandemic instead of the message of fear, isolation, and loneliness the message can and should be one of hope, love, and gratitude. Do your best I know you can do it. Someone needs to hear hope and feel love from you today.

close up photo of cooked chicken

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