Stretching sans Spiritualty

As you all know (if you have been reading my blog posts this month), I have been feeling very convicted (conflicted) about participating in the Yoga practice as I have been on and off for years. This is because, unlike as portrayed in the Western culture, it is not just physical exercise and stretching.’ After many hours of research by both Christians, prior yogis, and even Hindu gurus, it is in fact a spiritual practice.  Even when not intended as such, yoga focuses on body, mind, and spirit. It is not intended to be separate but as one. That is why it is called a practice. Yoga actually means union. When participating in this practice you are not just agreeing to be one with the universe, but one with the spiritual gods that is at its core. The poses are actually used when bringing the person into the right mind consciousness as an act of worship to millions of Hindu gods. So you can see my dilemma when seeing this side of things. In Eastern religion this is normal, but since infiltrating the western society, people have used what they believe is harmless to encompass their whole being. Since I am a professing Christian, I cannot in good conscious facilitate this type of spiritual activity in my home. I wanted to make sure that not only does my family become aware of this, but that I pass on this information to everyone who will listen. Consider yourself enlightened:)

Even though I loved doing Yoga because my body felt great, I cannot condone this practice because it goes against everything my God stands for. This being said I have been looking into other alternatives that would benefit my body in the same way sans the spiritualty. I think I have found it! It’s called Pilates and it was started in the 20th century, so it is not an ancient practice, but a modern form of body strengthening and flexibility. It looks wonderful. I will keep you all posted on the status of this form of exercise. I love to run, but I do need to keep my body flexible and strong to prevent injuries both outside and on the job. I am so excited to get started! Stay tuned..

Mark 4:9 And Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”

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