As I reflect..

Good morning! After I got back from a wonderful run this morning (while enjoying the beautiful sunrise) I started thinking.  I wanted to share those thoughts this morning. I started researching how to ‘successfully maintain a blog’ today and was looking for new ideas to keep my audience engaged, but also teach something useful as well as keeping a general purpose in mind. So..I got out my new favorite mug and sat down with my coffee and it occurred to me I was placing God on the back burner! You can just look at this picture and it says it all. My mug came like that, but nonetheless made the point that I have been starting my mornings without The Lord more times than not. I feel very convicted about this and thus have vowed to pray right when I get up before leaving my room if only for 5 minutes. I do pray many times on the way to work, but that intimate time first thing is so important. I was enjoying his creation all around me, but yet not acknowledging him like I should. Please be aware that though you may have the best intentions and a heart that does love, it is HOW you show that love that matters. Just like any relationship you have to water it to grow. Spend time with The Lord, it makes a huge difference for the rest of the day! Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you, Matthew 6:33. Just like my blog says…Jesus, Coffee, and Oils😉

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